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Plenty of Fish January 11, 2012

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So, having been single for 2 years now I decided it was high time to get back out there and start looking for love again. I’ve really enjoyed being single and learnt a lot about myself but I think 2012 is my year for getting back into the dating game.

I’ve seen a lot of discussion about POF recently and decided I had nothing to lose by signing up and seeing what happened – you never know, I might find ‘the one’.

Immediately after signing up I received 2 messages, one very polite, asking how my new year was. I’ve got to admit that I didn’t find him physically attractive but he seemed gentlemanly. The second was from a guy who got everything wrong: a picture of his abs rather than his face – WRONG, bad grammar and spelling – WRONG, pervy comments like ‘i like your curves’ – OH SO WRONG! So, his message got deleted pretty much straight away.

I have since received another 5 or 6 comments, mainly politely, mainly grammatically incorrect and mainly friendly (minus one that simply said ‘I like boobs x’ and immediately got deleted). I have not yet replied to any of these as I’m keeping my options open for a day or two, keep them waiting and all that!

The three hours of experience I have now had with POF has not at all convinced me that I will find ‘the one’ on there, or even just one that I might like to go on a date with but let’s not be hasty, Benedict Cumberbatch may just message me tomorrow…


Another Day of Baking November 20, 2011

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So, today I spent another day baking. I have definitely been infected with the baking bug! Mum did an online shop this week and bought some bananas. Unfortunately she didn’t know how much they weighed and therefore guessed… Yes, we ended up with too many bananas! Because of this, this week’s baking theme was ‘bananas’ as they were getting a bit ‘over-ripe’.

I began with chocolate chop banana muffins. There was a slight disaster in that I may have overfilled the bun cases and they kind of collapsed and the mixture started leaking out… easily corrected by Mum’s quick thinking to put the bun cases in bigger, stiffer muffin cases – problem solved!

chocolate Chip Banana Cupcakes

I also improved my piping skills and this is the result. These are yet to be tasted  as we have all been devouring….

Chocolate Banana Pie


Chocolate banana pie!

Yet another recipe I found online. It used an original recipe and a blog post of a modified recipe. It’s essentially a pastry case, a layer of sliced bananas, plenty of chocolate ganachey-custardy stuff and then a meringue topping! The original recipe used a biscuit base but we rarely have pastry in desserts so I thought it would make a change. Likewise with the meringue; the original had a whipped cream topping but I hate cream! I just had a slice of this for pudding and it’s delicious! There was enough for two pies so we’ll be having this for a good few days, as well as inviting friends for a slice. This is what the inside looks like:

Chocolate Banana Pie Innards

I am also very excited about a certain Christmas treat this year.  An old friend from school who bakes for a living is making gingerbread houses for Christmas this year with all profits being donated to the local animal sanctuary.

Gingerbread House

This means that this will be gracing my table on Christmas day this year! I have never been so excited about anything before! Look how cute it is!

Also, Pippa Middleton has written her Top 10 Tips for the Perfect Christmas and number 4 is having a gingerbread house – I’m a tenth of the way there!


Unfortunately as fun as baking has been, my bedroom now needs tidying – ugh… Ah well, will bung QI XL on and hope Stephen Fry’s dulcet tones will keep my sane while I wade through the piles of crap on my bedroom floor.


Over and out 🙂


My Day as a Domestic Goddess November 15, 2011

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OK, so, yesterday began with making chocolate orange cupcakes! There’s nothing like donning your apron at 9am and getting cracking with some baking. I love trying out new recipes and yesterday was no exception – this was a recipe I found online and took a shine to. I’ve never baked sponge which has melted chocolate in it before but it worked out really well. I then made orange buttercream to pipe on once the cupcakes had cooled. In the process of zesting the orange (with a zester – an amazing invention!) I managed to zest my thumb 😦 bad times!

When I have seen people piping on the TV it looks so easy and natural and as I’m the creative type I thought piping would be easy-peasy – wrong! I really struggled and it’s something I’m going to have to practice to get the knack I think. The cupcakes turned out very nice and a friend said they were the best she ever had and asked for the recipe: a resounding success!


Between baking scrummy treats I also got down to some sewing. I’ve already done lots of crafting for my Mum’s birthday card and Christmas gift but this is in preparation for my Grandma’s Christmas present. I decided to undertake the task of sewing her a set of 6 floral coasters and so far I have completed 2 – only four to go! They look really nice and elegant and I hope she really likes them. I’m well on track for having all Christmas presents sorted by the end of the month and having a stress-free December. I just have 2 friends left to buy for and then I think I’m all done!

Violet Coaster

I also intend to do some baking for a friend’s 21st and have a very exciting cake idea in mind – fingers crossed I can pull it off; pictures will follow next month if that’s the case, as will picturesof the completed coasters. I think I’m going to bake some buns for work for when I leave at Christmas too – I love baking!

Blog updates will hopefully be at least a weekly occurence from now on, so watch this space! There will be lots of talk of baking, Open University work, music qualifications and stories from teaching both at home and at work. I will also complain lots too 😉

P.S. I should apologise for the poor quality of photos but I’m using a very old digital camera as I seem to have misplaced mine…


Bucket List September 14, 2011

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Essentially, this blog is where I’m going to transform the thoughts in my head into the written word for you to read if you feel so inclined. Maybe I’ll have more luck keeping a blog this time as this must be at least my 3rd attempt!

I was thinking this evening about things I want to do before I die. Morbid? Yes, but there are a few things going on in my life that have made me think about these things.

So, the first post on my new blog is my bucket list, suitably depressing for a first post, I think you’ll agree. As it is on my blog I will be able to add and remove items whenever I like and inform the world of my progress. It also means that when I do die people can go out and finish my bucket list for me; I think I’d like that…

I’m a bit of an organisational fiend so there will be bullet points and categories, I apologise in advance.


  • Learn Liszt’s La Campanella (piano)
  • Play Saint-Saëns’ Danse Macabre in an orchestra
  • Perform a solo accompanied by an orchestra or chamber group
  • See Lang Lang in concert
  • Get my DipLCM (piano)
  • Get my LLCM (piano)
  • Get my FLCM (piano)
  • Get my DipABRSM (bassoon)
  • Get my Grade 8 Theory
  • Get my ALCM (theory)
  • Get my DipLCM (singing)
  • Conduct a choir
  • Conduct an orchestra


  • Get my BA(Hons)
  • Do a Masters in Music
  • Gain practical music qualifications (yet to be decided which)


  • See Tim Minchin (again)
  • See Ross Noble (again)
  • See Michael McIntyre (again)
  • See Joe Lycett (again)
  • See Danny Pensive (yes, again…)
  • See an opera
  • See a ballet


  • See the Northern Lights
  • Go to Italy


  • Fall in love
  • Get married
  • Buy a house
  • Have children

That’s it for now I think… Lots will be added, I assure you!